Games: The Lands Awaken in Albion Online's Latest Update

Albion Lands Awakened graphics on mobile

True to their promise, the developers of Albion Online released their fantastic Lands Awakened update today, full of richer graphics, new weaponry and more fun gameplay. 

Albion Online Lands Awakened

The release did not go off without a hitch. For the past two weeks gamers noticed increased lag as the old version was being replaced. Today's update brought problems with dictating messages in game and  another bug or two in messaging and gamepley. That is a small price to pay for the stunning visuals and other improvements brought to the medieval fantasy world of Albion Online. 

This richly faceted MMORPG is available on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices from the same account. If you have not tried Albion, what are you waiting for? You can buy an island and build a home that you can build and it can never by attacked. You can raise animals or farm. You can go into dungeons and fight mobs to win loot. You can go into dangerous zones on missions where you can be attacked Players choose whether to do PvP or PvE whenever they want.

Lands Awakened Features

The new version of Albion Online features:

  • Greatly improved graphics for all five biomes, with increased variance between low, middle, and high-tier zones within each biome
  • Greatly improved layouts with unique landscape features for each zone
  • Reworked resource colors: when possible, resources are now colored to correspond to the color associated with their tier
  • New overlays for the world map showing approximate resource availability and mob Silver values 
  • Open-world mobs now automatically upgrade over time. Each mob can upgrade multiple times, gaining strength and offering increased Fame and loot, rewarding players and groups who seek out unexplored areas.
  • Rewards for open-world mobs overall increased
  • Static Dungeons reworked and feature new events:
    • Static Dungeon mobs also upgrade over time, offering massively increased rewards
    • Chests and bosses in Static Dungeons also upgrade automatically, rewarding exploration of neglected dungeons
    • New "Dungeon Rush" events:
      • Randomly, at short notice and for a limited time, the mob upgrade rates of a particular dungeon will greatly increase
      • This is communicated to players in nearby zones via the zone map, and appears overhead after entering the dungeon
    • Static Dungeons now have additional side entrances from neighboring zones:
      • Prevents camping one entrance
      • Allows escape when a more powerful group enters
      • Allows entry from multiple directions during a dungeon event
  • Much more

Since this is for a doll collecting blog, doll collectors who enjoy dressing their dolls in medieval costumes can dress their avatars in a wide variety of medieval and fantasy gowns, gear, weaponry and uniforms. 

Any way you play it, Albion is fun. From building to farming to mining to fighting, Albion has it all. Don't take my word for it. It's FREE HERE.

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