Games: Albion Online for Mobile & PC-- a Review

Albion Online Scores High Marks Across the Board

Recently I had the opportunity to check out the game Albion Online, an MMORPG. Until recently, you could only play on PC, but now mobile gamers can enjoy this medieval fantasy game. 
The game has scored an impressive 4.7 stars at the Apple app store. It's easy to see why.

Colorful and immersive, Albion Online allows players to proceed at their own pace. There are exciting quests for every level. Players can roam the land, exploring different biomes and fighting creatures that lurk in the shadows, or they can venture into dungeons looking for treasure.

Players can go to the Recruitment Skipper to be sent on a quest, or stand outside a dungeon and wait to be invited to join a party. Even better is the opportunity to join friends in a guild to do planned activities. The guild I recommend is Last Rangers because they are friendly, organized, active and accepting new players. 
Fighting a big boss in a dungeon

Although the tutorial is a bit buggy, the game operates smoothly for the most part. Chat is a bit buggy and in-game messaging is not very effective. However, the versatility of the game makes for such fun gameplay at every level, it is easy to overlook a few glitches.

Players can pick mounts of different types: horses, oxen, owls, large felines and many other creatures. Players pick classes that interest them and can develop more than one class. Crafting is also a fun part of gameplay. 

Albion Online allows player to play in safe zones or to travel into PVP zones, so you can have as much action with other players as you want, or stick to killing mobs in castles and dungeons. 

Since this is a doll and toy collecting blog, I will add that if you love medieval dolls and toys, take it to the next level with a fun, interactive game like Albion Online. 

Albion Online Review

I have to agree with the high review scores Albion has already earned. Deducting 1 start for buggy in-game communication, I give Albion Online an enthusiastic 4 stars for a fun, immersive world that provides entertainment and excitement at all levels.
Albion Online score-- ****

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