STRONGHOLD KINGDOMS Global Realm 5 Game Now Open on Mobile

The Minecraft figures checking out Stronghold Kingdoms
Stronghold Kingdoms just opened a new world, Global Realm 5. This is a great time to check the free game out, because everyone starts at the same level in a new world, so everyone has a chance to grow.

The Stronghold Kingdoms video game is on PC and mobile, but the new world, GR5, is on mobile only. This makes it a popular choice for busy adults who can't spend all their time in front of a PC or box, but who can spend a few minutes throughout the day planning their strategies, constructing strong castles, and building armies.

Stronghold Kingdoms Appeals to the Minecraft Generation

The game also has appeal for those who grew up playing Minecraft. Why is this a great game for Minecraft fans? Because it shares a lot of elements with the worlds of Minecraft:
- Middle Ages/ Medieval Castle Designer
- Growing crops
- Raising animals
- Enemies that attack randomly

Free game provides long-term entertainment

But this game offers more than the convenience of mobile and some similarities to Minecraft. Other features of Stronghold Kingdoms include:
 - Massively multi-player online so players get to meet a lot of people and compare their skills with others.
- Real-time, strategy game, so the game gets intense at time,
- Idle strategy game so the action takes place over weeks or months and is always evolving.- Join a faction and get into a house to have strength in numbers. Some groups like even provide organization and training that can take players from newbie to pro in a short time.

Although Stronghold Kingdoms does not boast its own action figures, Global Realm 5 is well worth checking out if you want some ongoing fun on your phone. Maybe someday Firefly will issue action figures for all 23 levels that can be reached in Stronghold Kingdoms! Until then, we will just have to enjoy the game!

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