Friday, March 17, 2000

Twilight Rumba Gene Doll Outfit Review


Twilight Rumba made her grand entrance at the FAO event in Feruary at the swanky Fifth Avenue store. When I first saw the photos of the competition doll that inspired this outfit, I was not enthused, but when I went to the Gene event at the Landmark, I got my first look at the finished product.

There she was, a vibrant red head with a sexy attitude. From the intricate twisted coiffe with its HHH curls  that graced her head to the dainty silver strappy shoes that adorned her feet, Twilight Rumba was a portrait of elegant detail.

Designed by Doug James in a dazzling lavender sarong, open on the side to allow freedom on the dance floor. Both the sarong and its matching crop top feature an intricate pattern of lavender, white, gold and crystal beads and lavender sequins that cascade down the front of the sarong from the flower cluster at the waist all the way to the hem. The top is similarly beaded. The delectable outfit features Gene’s first hair comb, a floral pattern that matches the flower cluster at the sarong’s waist. The overall effect is stunning and every detail works to make this a terrific doll and outfit.

Nance Walker shared her opinion saying, "I think Twilight Rumba is beautiful, and especially her clothes, which I think is the best thing that Ashton Drake does.  The irridescent beading is exquisite, and the costume fits the body well. lavender color of this outfit really complements the bright red hair of this Gene.  Her hair is really red, and is a pretty set, except that I tend to like my Gene's with softer hair, so I will do something to fluff up her curls to make them look more like the picture, rather than having the glued on spray netted feeling.   The silver shoes with the cross-the-toes straps and matching ankle strap fit the outfit.  All in all, I am really pleased with this doll. "

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