Sunday, March 9, 2014

Barbie Turns 55 Today!

Happy 55th birthday, Barbie! I knew you when you were just a teenage fashion model and I was a nine-year-old girl. That's when I got my first Barbie doll, and I was so excited! She was the favorite toy of my childhood and preteens, and when she disappeared from the home place after my mother died, I mourned her like an old friend.

She wasn't the elusive original #1 Barbie doll, but she was a beautiful blonde #4 Barbie, soon followed by Skipper, Ken, homely Midge as well as cousing Francie, Todd, Tutti and a host of other dolls.

Barbie doll has been the subject of praise, an object of ridicule, and the center of controversy, but no matter how many issues adults try to blame on Barbie, most little girls still love her. Now the pink plastic princess, who was first sold in 1959, is turning 55!

It seems like we just celebrated her 50th birthday, but that was back in 2009. Now the pink plastic princess has added another half decade.

Click on this link to find out more about Barbie, including facts, a little history and other info:

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