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Top 4 Tips on How to Sell Your Doll Collection

The question readers of this blog ask the most is "How do I sell my doll collection?" followed by "How can I tell how much my dolls are worth?"

If you are a doll collector, or if you are trying to work through the estate of a former doll collector, there are many challenges you will face. This list should help you get started.

1. List Your Dolls: Make a complete list of the dolls and every article of clothing and accessory. Do not get rid of anything, no matter how bad the condition.

2. Determine the Condition: Note any markings on the backside, back of the neck or bottom of the feet. Carefully and critically look for any damage: fading, hair brushed out of original set, paint chips, pinpricks, stains, loose limbs, etc. Unless the doll is pristine in the box and has never been played with, it will not be considered in "mint," "near-mint" or "great"condition. Listing a doll that has been played with on eBay as "great condition" is misrepresenting it.

3. Research the Prices: Go to your local bookstore and/or library and find books on the dolls and outfits. Look for price guides. Understand that price guides are almost always researched by contacting doll dealers and asking them to set a price for the dolls, and dealers have a vested interest in driving up the price. In addition, book value is almost always for dolls in pristine, mint condition. Price guides are always inflated.

Keep in mind that doll prices have dropped drastically since the mid 1990s and the secondary market value on dolls is almost always pennies on the dollar of what the original selling price was. There are exceptions but your book research should inform you if any of your dolls are of special value. You should expect to get around 20% to 50% of book value for a doll in good condition that has been taken out of the box and gently played with if it has all or most of its original outfit. A better way to determine value is to research eBay and local doll sales. Don't look at the asking price; look at the selling price. If your dolls are antique or otherwise very valuable, you might want to Google your city for doll appraisals. There is usually a charge to appraise a collection, but if you really think your dolls are valuable, it might be worth it.

4. Decide Where to Sell: The best places to sell dolls are eBay and other online auctions and local doll shows. Google your city for doll shows and find out how to get a table. You can also try Classified ads and local doll dealers. Each method of selling has its advantages and drawbacks that you should research.

For all these reasons, asking me how much your dolls are worth or where you should sell them will not get a response other than a link to this article because there are too many variables.

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New Vintage Barbie Accessories at Walgreens

Walgreens Cute New Barbie Makeup Collection on Shelves Now!

Walgreen's drugstore chain is now home to a cute collection of nostalgic Barbie doll cosmetic accessories including some adorable makeup bags as well as makeup sets. 

Mattel's iconic teenage fashion doll appears in her original 1959 vintage ponytail and zebra-striped swimsuit, but she couldn't look more timely. 

The collection includes Barbie-pink nail polish, several makeup palettes, lip crayons, lip smackers false eyelashes, makeup brushes and more!

Prices for these goodies range from $2.99 to $6.99 and up, so these little cuties are affordable and sure to please the fashion princess in your household. And with a Walgreens on practically every corner, Barbie should not be hard to find!

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Olympic dolls - Gold Medal Barbies and other Barbie doll Olympians

Olympic Fan Barbie Dolls

1976 Olympic Gold Medalist Barbie and Ken
If, as David Letterman once suggested, you will now only eat your pancakes arranged like Olympic rings and are curling on your patio with a Swiffer and a fruit cake, you are suffering from Winter Olympics withdrawal. Don't worry - I have just the fix: Olympic dolls!

Through the years numerous doll manufacturers have produced plastic and vinyl Olympians in honor of various Olympic year festivities, and Nashville doll collectors have eagerly scoured local store shelves to find them. This list will spotlight some of the Barbie dolls produced for the Olympics and Part Two will focus on Olympic dolls - Cabbage Patch Kids OlympiKids dolls.

'76 Olympic Gold Medalist dolls with '96 Olympic Gymnast

For more photos, click on the links and see the slideshow. All the dolls pictured here are © Kathryn Darden.

Olympic Barbie Dolls

  • 1974 Gold Medal Malibu Ken Swimmer was produced in Europe wearing red, white and blue swim trunks and a gold medal on gold chain.
Olympic Fan Barbie Dolls from Mexico & Canada
  • 1974 Gold Medal Malibu Ken Skier was issued wearing a yellow entry vest with #9, red ski boots, red ski hat, blue skis and poles, red goggles and his gold medal. A European version was also issued.
  • 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist Malibu Barbie was made wearing her red, white and blue, whether as a swimmer or skater and in an orange ski suit as a skier.
    Sydney 2000 Olympics Olympic Fan
  • 1976 the Barbie Olympic Ski Village came out with Ski Lodge and complete slope with poles and flags, sled, skis and more accessories.
  • 1985 Olimpico Ken was produced in Venezuela

More Olympic Fan Barbie Dolls

A series of Olympic Fan Barbie dolls was produced for the 2000 games sporting the flags and colors of several countries including: Canada, Mexico, Britain, France, Spain, Cuba, Australia, Germany, Greece and several others.

Olympic Pin Barbie doll

  • Barbie was also a Swimming Champion for the 2000 Olympics and McDonalds Happy Meal issued an Olympic Pin Barbie from the Barbie series that was distributed from September 15 - October 12, 2000.
  • 2002 Star Skater Barbie was issued for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympic games and came with colorful skating outfit, water bottle and gold medal. W/B. AA/B.

Part II: Olympic dolls - Cabbage Patch Kids OlympiKids

For more info: 

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Shamrock: Three Poems for Saint Patrick's Day | Christian Activities

A trio of Irish dolls

In honor of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, whose life we celebrate every March 17, here is my shamrock of three poems written for Saint Patrick's Day.

Click here to read the poems:

Irish Barbie dolls for St. Patrick's Day

Mattel has been making Irish Barbie dolls as part of their Dolls of the World (DOTW) series in 1984, and in 2012 they introduced the 4th Irish Doll of the World.

Between 1984 and 2012, Mattel has issued 3 other Irish DOTW Barbie including 1995's DOTW Irish Barbie, 2002's Irish Princess and the Irish Dance Barbie in 2007.

Article at:
Irish Barbie dolls for St. Patrick's Day

Monday, February 15, 2016

Donald Trump 12' Talking Doll NIB NRFB Says 17 Phrases

 Donald Trump 12" Talking Doll is in Great Condition and Says 17 Phrases

New in box, and has never been opened. From the TV Show "The Apprentice." Has 17 phrases:

1) I should fire myself just for having you around
2) This one's easy for're fired
3) That was a tough one
4) Think big and live large
5) Never give up...under any circumstances never give up
6) I have no choice but to tell you you're fired. AND MORE!!

in Entertainment Memorabilia, Television Memorabilia, Other Television Memorabilia

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12' Kenner Arnold Palmer Action Figure NIB NRFB

Never Removed from the Box:  12" Kenner Arnold Palmer Action Figure

Unopened, but due to moving, the bottom part of the golf club has come off. It is still in the box, and should be reparable. Fully poseable, 12" Arnold Palmer doll from the Sports Superstar Collection-98 Timeless Legends. The back has a brief bio on Arnold. 

Starting at $2.50 New in Toys & Hobbies, Action Figures, Sports

Find it on eBay at:  12' Kenner Arnold Palmer Action Figure NIB NRFB: