Friday, March 10, 2000

Meet Madra Lord from Ashton-Drake

by Kathryn Darden

Look out, Gene! There's a new girl in town! Ashton-Drake is releasing a new character doll to step into Gene’s world, the infamous Madra Lord. Combining “Beauty, Talent and Temper,” Madra, although slightly taller than Gene, is the same scale, so their outfits will be interchangeable. However, there the similarities cease.

Gene is sweet and innocent; Madra is bold and brassy, with just a hint of evil in her nature. If you don’t believe me, read the names of her costumes! Madra is a 15 3/4" doll inspired by the more flamboyant and temperamental divas of Hollywood’s golden age. To further pique collectors interest, Madra comes with bend knees and elbows, another first for the Gene collection, as well as her own provocative storyline. 

Madra's "story" is of a hard working, self-assured woman who knew what she wanted from an early age - stardom - and she wasn't afraid to do whatever it took to get to the top. Growing up in Milwaukee during WWI, Mabel Lorkovic left the west coast of Lake Michigan for the West Coast, and somewhere between the pines of Wisconsin and the palms of California, Madra Lord was born. Once she hit Hollywood, she slowly worked her way to the top, using her beauty, brains, talent - and guts. Madra Lord reigned as one of the undisputed stars of Hollywood, consistently pleasing fans with her dynamic performances and giving directors ulcers with her volatile temper. But no one could disagree that Madra had what it took and was every inch a star. Who could blame her if Gene's sudden skyrocket to success left Madra green with envy - almost as green as her famous, flashing eyes. 
The premiere Madra collection includes "First Encounter," a costumed doll wearing a sumptuous full-length white "mink" coat over a dramatic ball gown; six couture outfits - and a pair of beautifully sculpted white porcelain Saluki dogs (Madra would never own REAL dogs - they shed!). There will also be one limited-edition costumed Madra doll called “Black Widow” with an issue of 2,500 and one limited-edition costume produced, “Highland Fling”, limited to an issue of 3,500. Other ensembles which are not limited included:  Heartless, Catwalk, Devil May Care, So Evil My Love, and Pink with Envy which was reportedly one of Mel's favorite dolls at the 1999 Gene convention competition. Intricate details, from lavish handbeading, fully lined dresses, right down to the seams on the back of her sheer stockings, all add to Madra's appeal.

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