Thursday, March 9, 2000

House of Wentworth Unveils Spring 2000 Line

©2000 by Kathryn E. Darden

The House of Wentworth unveiled their elegant fashion designs in New York, but if you think this unveiling took place in a chic fasion salon, guess again! These divine fashions were presented at Toy Fair and at a very posh party two days before Toy Fair. As most readers are aware, the House of Wentworth is the fictitious fashion design business run by Robert Tonner’s hit new doll, Tyler Wentworth. Tyler took the world by storm when she premiered in late December/early January, and her new line leaves nothing to be desired.
The basic doll for 2000 is Something Sleek. For swimming laps at the health club Tyler dons her sleek black maillot swimsuit trimmed in white with accessories: sunglasses, black slides, and a monogrammed towel. Dressed doll.
In 2000 Tyler gets a friend, the lovely African American Esmé. While shopping in a bookstore Tyler is struck by the natural beauty of the clerk, a pre-med student named Esmé. Tyler signs the ethnic beauty to a career with the House of Wentworth. Esmé comes wearing a simple belted red dress with black pumps and shoulder bag. Dressed doll.
For one night only attendees of a special Tyler event on February 12 were offered the opportunity to purchase the extremely limited Market Week. This is the snazzy ensemble which Tyler wears to meet with the fashion buyers on 7th Avenue: a fitted black wool jersey jacket with velvet collar and cuffs, over a black bodysuit and straight faux leopard skirt. Black tights and short black boots add dash to the tailored outfit. After the outfits were sold at the Tonner event, a few were sent to dealers who then offered the elusive ensemble for $80 or more to people who purchased the entire line. The outfit has an unfortunate amount of white thread used for snaps and seams, and one of the boots on mine broke when I tried to put it on Tyler's foot. See review below. LE 1,000. Outfit.
One of the loveliest dresses in the spring 2000 line is Champagne Bubble. Attending the Chase Modeling Agency’s annual spring cocktail party, Tyler makes a memorable entrance wearing a champagne-colored silk bubble dress with its bodice hand-beaded with gold and pearls and matching beaded bag. Gold sandals and jewelry complete the elegant look. LE 3,000. Outfit
Beverly Hills Chic - For a business meeting with a client in Beverly Hills Tylers wears a classic white linen jacket, matching white linen trouser skirt and a fitted man-tailored shirt with handbag and matching brown “leather” belt and sandals. Outfit.
Madison Avenue Afternoon - When meeting with Madison Avenue realtors to find the perfect location to house the flagship boutique of House of Wentworth, Tyler puts on a persimmon red cropped coat over a tank top of melon silk worn over burnished gold pants. Contemporary jewelry, gold sunglasses, shoes and bag finish the ensemble. Outfit.
My personal favorite is the limited dressed doll White House Dinner.  The First Lady invites Tyler to the White House to thank the young designer for designing the First Lady’s inaugural gown. Tyler is radiant in her elegant magenta silk gown with beaded black lace overlay and matching jet jewelry. This gorgeous outfit comes with a “gift” to Tyler from the First Lady. The prototype shows Tyler with a lovely brunette updo with bangs.  LE 3,000. Dressed doll.
Casual Luxury -  When Jack Frost is nipping noses in New York, Tyler throws on her luxurious double-breasted camel hair coat over her heather gray turtleneck top and winter white flannel pants. Accessories include a faux alligator belt, bag and boots. LE 3,000. Dressed doll.
Shakespeare in the Park - Tyler looks like a heavenly vision in a silver silk lamé gown with a tiered skirt of pleated organza which borrows its lines from classic Greek design. Her  matching stole, silver shoes, jewelry and bouquet of roses. LE 3,000. Outfit.
Sweet Indulgence - Relishing a stolen moment relaxing at home, Tyler wears a glamorous nightgown of pale violet silk-satin and re-embroidered lace. Her robe of pure silk chiffon with matching lace enhances the allure of this elegant night wear. Outfit.
Some other tantalizing outfits were premiered for a release in fall  2000: Opera Gala, a stunning portrait in red; Russian Renaissance, a vibrant brocade ensemble with smart beret; Premiere Pink, a demure full-length raw silk pink formal skirt and matching pink angora sweater with embroidery, limtied to 3,000 pieces and costing around $90; Weekend Retreat, sporty jeans, sweater, and a red peajacket with duffel bag; Manhattan Music Awards, a black lace and blue sating formal; Cashmere Rouge, red coat of soft cashmere with black pumps, bag and gloves.  Also new for 2000 are Tyler paper dolls, and the book, TheRobert Tonner Story.
The spring line is already a hit and the fall line is being looked to with much anticipation. The year 2000 should prove to be a good one for the House of Wentworth!

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