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Invasion of the (doll) body snatchers starring Liv, Jackie Evancho & Moxie Teenz - Doll Collecting Examiner

Body swapping Liv and Jackie Evancho dolls

I am a big fan of both Liv dolls and Moxie Teenz dolls, so I am now making hybrid "Moxie Liv" dolls. Here's the scoop!

Recently, as I reported in "Jackie Evancho: the little doll with the big voice," the 14" fashion dolls went on clearance at Toys R Us. These dolls look a lot like the Moxie Teenz dolls in the body. In fact, the Evancho dolls and the Moxie Teenz dolls can exchange clothes, accessories, even shoes. However, the cute, smiling face of little Jackie Evancho just does not display well with the more sophisticated Moxie Teenz dolls.

In the face, the Liv dolls are similar to the Mozie Teenz dolls. The heads are close enough in size to where the Liv World dolls and the Moxie Teenz dolls can exchange wigs. The Liv dolls also feature inset glass eyes like the Moxie Teenz. However, Liv dolls are about 2 inches shorter with smaller torso dimensions. Until now...

Taking the clearance Jackie Evancho doll and using the boiling water technique to loosen the vinyl around the neck, I removed her head and did the same with a Liv doll. Quickly swapping heads while the plastic was still soft, I created a Liv-Evancho hybrid I call my "Moxie Liv." The proportions were excellent, and I prefer the Evancho head on a Liv body.

Moxie Liv on left with Moxie Teenz Leigh and Gavin
 The Liv eyes are a little smaller than the Moxie Teenz eyes and without their long, rooted lashes. I didn't take the time to root lashes on the Liv doll, but I painted on more liner and eyelashes to make the Liv eyes appear larger and pop like the Moxie Teenz dolls do. I changed the Liv wig out and was very happy with my new "Moxie Liv" doll which displays very well with the Moxie Teenz.

Although the Liv dolls were discontinued, they are easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores for 99¢ and under. If you like the Moxie Teenz dolls but don't want to pay the inflated prices charged by scalpers on Amazon and eBay, make your own Moxie Liv doll with a Liv head and the Jackie Evancho doll body!

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