Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Multiple Minecraft Figures Mean More Fun

 As promised last month, here is the 3rd and maybe final installment in my Minecraft figures series.

Mojang has put out a variety of toys and figures in the Minecraft world, and there are assorted sizes to chose from as well as a plethora of characters to chose from, everything from the main characters, Steve and Alex, to a wide variety of mobs - the animals and monsters that inhabit the world of Minecraft.

Assortments range from the cute little minis, found in mystery boxes and packages of three, to three inch figures found in at least two series of assorted creepers, villagers, and heroes, to the larger action figures of Alex and Steve and their friends.

There are even Lego building sets so you can build your little figures their own Minecraft world! If you enjoy Minecraft or know someone who does, these little figures and builds are sure to entertain.

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