Thursday, February 13, 2014

Barbie Doll's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Makes Waves

The 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is coming out, but the big news has not been the models, but the doll! In an arrangement between Mattel and the sports magazine, the Sports Illustrated Barbie doll is getting her own cover, and it is making waves. Is "the doll that started it all" all wet?

The controversial move is once again raising a hue and cry from all the activists who think Barbie dolls and swimsuit models create "unrealistic body expectations" in little girls. This is the same minority who thinks we need a fatter Disney princess and more plus-size models.

But both Mattel and SI have chosen to remain unapologetic. In fact, they have picked the hashtag #Unapologetic to promote the issue and the doll.

I looked at the controversy from both the doll collecting perspective and the health perspective. You can read my thoughts at:

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