Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pet peeve: Plagiarism & copyright Infringement of doll articles

Pet peeve: Plagiarism &  copyright Infringement of doll articles

As recently reported in Pet peeve: 'Rare' & 'HTF' dolls on ebay, one of my pet peeves is sellers using descriptions that amount to fraud on ebay. Another way that doll collectors and sellers defraud others is by plagiarism and copyright infringement of doll articles, photos and other intellectual property.

Sometimes I find my doll articles and photos on blogs, websites, and Facebook, often copied WORD-FOR-WORD, with only my name and links removed. This week I found where a very well-known doll dealer had copied my article Gallery showing of dolls in East Nashville combines fashion with history to his blog, changed the title, removed my byline and any reference to Examiner, and inserted a link to his own sales page. The man Happily copied my article; he knowingly removed my by-line and changed the title; and he deliberately linked to his sales page so he would make money off of my work!

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