Monday, August 30, 2010

Golden Age of Doll Couture convention in Nashville - event recap with exclusive photos

Madra dolls on display
Golden Age of Doll Couture in Nashville 
The Golden Age of Doll Couture event was held in Nashville August 28-29 bringing just under 40 guests to the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel. The event saw guests enjoying the various sites and sounds of Nashville from the Country Music Hall of Fame to Manuel's Clothiers as well as Chihuly Nights at Cheekwood and the Golden Age of Couture at the Frist Center
The Ashton-Drake Galleries Gene in Monaco Doll
Two new doll lines were introduced at the event including a new historical doll by Cheryl Crawford, of Crawford Manor introduced at a Victorian tea at the historic Hardaway House I attended as well as a new poseable fashion ball-jointed doll by JAMIEshow introduced at Sunday's lunch.

Guests received many goodies including cute bejeweled tourist keychain boots which were handed out at Manuel's reception, as well as clothing items made especially for the mini-convention. Special dolls were made or customized for the event including a Careless Kisses Madra whose ball gown was dyed pink, which was the one doll I purchased.

Many items were donated to use in the swag bags including three items I personally donated which were inadvertently never acknowledged -- more than 50 of the newest Robert Tonner Catalogs, miniature pink doll-sized Jacmel shopping bags which showed up in the bags, and 40 or so large Barbie shopping bags left over from the Twilight in Tennessee event.

A few photos are posted in the article slideshow with many more coming in future articles which will focus on specific dolls and events...

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