Monday, January 1, 2001

2001 Events Calendar

March 2 & 3 - Portland Convention at the Double Tree Hotel, Jantzen Beach, Portland, OR. Frida: continental breakfast, Robert Tonner Company programs, raffles, salestables, workshops, & music. Brenda Starr presents a premier dinner for her friend Gene. Attendees receive a special Brenda Starr Doll. Saturday: a look at Gene's life and her plans for the future. Programs, raffles, salestables, lunch. A special Gne doll. $300. Call Sue at 360/696-0372.
May 3-6 2001 - The First Robert Tonner Doll Company Convention, in Arlington Heights, IL. Celebrating Robert's 10 years in the doll business and Betsy McCall's 50th Anniversary, the convention will celebrate ALL Robert's dolls in a variety of special themed events, dolls, surprises and loads of goodies!  .
The convention will run from Thursday to Sunday.  RTDC Doll Club Members will have dibs on registration priority; however, you need not necessarily be a member to attend.  For club membership details, contact Nancy at
August 31, September 1 & 2 - First Annual Chicago Fashion Doll Festival, Chicago, IL.
BMAA Award Presentations
Sales Room
Seminars & Special Guests
Special Room Rates
SEVERAL Exclusive Limited Edition Fashion Dolls for each Registered Participants.
If you are interested in attending please feel free to phone (262) 658-1004 fax (262) 658-0433 or email Murat Caviale, Inc., Publishers Barbie Bazaar Magazine, 5711 8th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140
* First Thursday of every month - Belle Meade Plantation Belles meets at 7 PM at Shoneys, Bellevue. This club is predominantly for Barbie collectors but also includes Gene, Jenny and other fashion doll collectors.

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