Thursday, February 24, 2000

A Little Night Music by Tonner

by Kathryn Darden

When A Little Night Music arrived, I had already heard the disappointing news that the dress did not have much beading. However, as I opened Tyler's box I was struck with how pretty the coloring of the doll was with her blond hair. Having already received a brunette and a red head, I was pleased to finally add a blond to my collection. My first impression of the doll was her lovely face. Then I noticed that her hairline at the forehead was set slightly lower and her hair was thicker than Signature Tyler, two vast improvements.

As I slipped the doll out of her box I was struck by the black glitter spots glued onto her dress; it looked pretty but more of Barbie quality and less what I expected from Robert Tonner. The shape of the dress is elegant, the lining is nice, but I agree with Cheryl that the beige thread on half the snaps is a tacky touch that needs to be changed. I did not remove the dress as I am sure from all reports my Tyler is stained. I don't even want to see it. The beaded belt is a nice touch, but the beads around her neck were skimpy looking. I did not like her earrings, but I loved her dainty shoes.

Is she worth $189? That is a hard call. The dress does not live up to that price, but a limited edition of 1,000 does make her desirable. I love her coloration, and as she is my only blond, I will keep her.

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