Monday, November 8, 1999

Daisy Milkmaid Wedding Review

Daisy Milkmaid Wedding
by guest blogger Pam Albrycht

I was highly impressed with the doll's wigs, and facial painting. The quality of the outfits, fit and detailing and accessories is amazing for the cost. Knickerbocker really outdid themselves. I ended up keeping Milkmaid Daisy doll and her outfit , and the outfits for Trafalgar Square Daisy and Autumn Willow and selling the nude  Trafalgar Square Daisy and Autumn
Willow dolls. I have to limit the number of dolls I keep of each kind, as I am running out of room, even with the two curios. Daisy is my favorite of the two dolls. Her skin tone is super and her face paint really enhances the color of her skin. They did a terrific job on her eyes in particular. The tiny fake eyelashes add a lot. I took off Daisy's Milkmaid cloak as I can see her better without it. She is lovely. I will wait a few days before I put on the other outfits. If they offer a doll later with different wigs, I think that would be wonderful. I have Daisy Milkmaid # 181 of 1500.
Daisy Milkmaid Wedding has on a body suit in a sheer fabric that is lace trimmed, her net stockings have a lacy elastic top to hold them up. Her white cloth shoes are very nicely done and fit perfectly. Her white net gloves match her stockings. The milk pail is clear plastic, but is trimmed with beads and stuffed with white rosebuds. The bucket is tied up nicely with a sheer organza orange ribbon, which matches the sash around her waist. The bucket is tied onto her wrist with a white ribbon that is crisscrossed and ties in a bow. There are separate lace flowers that are sewn onto the lace fabric of the dress. Each flower has orange and silvery pearl beads in the center. She has on a sheer net underslip with lace trim. Her earrings are crystal and clear bead drops. The clothing definitely is the equal or superior to Tonner's Julia. I would say the detailing of the accessories and  costumes exceeds Gene's. The jewelry and shoes and purses are way better than Gene's.
The only drawback is that the doll's bodies lack definition. However, since they are going to be clothed, that's no problem. The bodies are nice and slim and perfect for dressing. The vinyl quality is not as nice as Gene's or the FM vinyls.
I had no doubt that I would keep Daisy when I saw her-- she didn't have to grow on me. I could rave on and on, but get a Daisy or a Willow  yourself and some outfits and you'll find out what a nice job Knickerbocker did on these dolls and clothes. The packaging for the outfits is nicely done also and is not too large like the Julia outfits.

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