Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Minecraft Secrets:Totally Awesome Builds Book Review

Strolling through my local Walgreen's clearance section, I came upon two Minecraft figures and the book Minecraft Secrets:Totally Awesome Builds marked down low, so of course I snapped them all up.

The Minecraft Secrets book was only $2 and looked colorful, so I figured I had very little to lose, even though it is the unofficial guide.

After all, according to the book's cover, "Minecraft is the world's hottest game!"

I plan to do an article on the small figures soon for this blog but thought I would mention the book as a resource for anyone who enjoys the game or the figures. 

Minecraft Secrets:Totally Awesome Builds does not quite live up to its name but it full of useful info for the Minecraft beginner. Having watched a long-time gamer play Minecraft and build a computer that adds among other advanced contraptions, this book appeared very elementary, and the pictures were often small and somewhat dark. In addition, there were no instructions on how to achieve the awesome builds shown in the Gallery section.

 However, it does go over Minecraft basics like the friendly creatures and foes to be  found in the game as well as biomes and other information including how to use redstone, and there were plenty of photos of interesting builds.

Being a die-hard J.R.R. Tolkien fan and Lord of the Rings nerd, my favorite build was Minas Tirith by EpicQuestz pictured here.

Now I need to find it online so I can visit all seven layers.
All in all, Minecraft Secrets:Totally Awesome Builds is a great book for Minecraft enthusiasts, especially those who are new to the game, and at just $2, it was a steal! Since i occasionally enjoy building on Minecraft for a little R&R, I may use it for inspiration and to 
Imagine it...
Create it... and
Build it!


Minecraft Dolls & Action Figures

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Minecraft Dolls & Action Figures

If you have kids, more than likely you have heard about Minecraft, the computer game where kids build with dirt, wood and stone and dig for gold, iron, diamonds, emeralds and other gems. A growing number of players stay with the game into their late teens and early 20s, and gamer guys find Minecraft a good way to get their girlfriends into gaming.

Developed by Swedish game designer Markus Persson in 2009, and later fully fleshed out and published by Mojang, Microsoft announced it was buying Mojang and Minecraft  in 2014.

Minecraft's popularity has spawned a number of dolls and action figure during it's popular run which appear in various toy and department stores every year. Here are a few currently available.

So for birthdays and other special occasions, a Minecraft plush toy might be worth digging up!


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